May 2022

Last May the researchers from the University of Liverpool paid a visit to Penzance and Newlyn, England. Newlyn is the heart of the Cornish fishing industry, a busy, modern port that is still one of the most successful in England.

Newlyn supports nearly hundred and fifty boats of all types, which supply its lively market with a variety of quality fish. Approximately 90% of the fish landed are exported, mainly to France and Spain.

The Fishing industry is a major economic resource that drives much of the Penzance and district economy. It is estimated that for each person working the boats at sea, a further six persons are employed in associated industries on shore. Giving the importance of the fishing industry in such area, our partners from the University of Liverpool went there to present NEPTUNUS project among the community and to meet and connect with local industrial partners, and to take a close observation of how fishery goes on across the Cornish region.

According to our partners, there are quite a lot of interesting things to see over there. Before the COVID hit there used to be live auctions every morning in Newlyn but they moved everything online during the pandemic. The auction is still virtual now and the harbour is planning to turn them full robotic in the future. A lot of vessels came back with shellfish, especially spider crabs. According to the harbour officer “May is the start of the crab season”. Fish shops open right next to the harbour, with fresh seafood selling on the spot. You can also see their large trucks coming into the market right after the virtual auction to bring away the fresh seafood.

This fieldwork serves as a witness to how the fishery supply chain works from vessels to fishmongers, which will improve the way our researchers will develop their methodologies and policies