February 18 2020

The University of Cantabria, lead partner of NEPTUNUS project, met with the Directorate-General (DG) for Fisheries of the Government of the autonomous community to look for immediate and future collaboration.

During the meeting, NEPTUNUS team showed the project to the policy makers and the purpose of creating a life cycle inventory of the Atlantic seafood sector. In this sense and focused on Cantabria, they asked for collaboration in the data collection (i.e., fishing fleet and gear, number and kind of species, production and distribution, etc.) and the way to mediate with workers, associations and factories involved in the whole supply chain.

The meeting took place in Santander on 18th February with the interventions of Rubén Aldaco, coordinator of NEPTUNUS, and María Margallo, Jara Laso and Israel Ruiz, scientists of the project, as well as the Director-General for fisheries, Marta López, and José Luis Torre, head of servicies related to fishing activities.