26th September

Rubén Aldaco, Professor at the University of Cantabria, was interviewed in the program “Españoles en la Mar” (Spanish at sea). This program is part of the international programming of Radio Televisión Española (Spanish radio and television), with listeners both inside and outside Spanish territory.

The fishing sector is in a time of transition in which all the agents involved must participate to adapt the sector to the new economic, environmental, and social requirements. Neptunus Project is a tool to improve sustainability in the fishing sector, specifically in the Atlantic Area. For that purpose, what is intended is to develop a methodology that allows the eco-labelling of products, as well as eco-innovation strategies, all under a Circular Economy approach.

Professor Rubén Aldaco points out that “Circular Economy has come to stay”, and the transition from linear to a circular model is essential for the fishing sector. For this transition the fishing quotas, products used in their processes, waste management … etc. must be considered.

In this interview the whole NEPTUNUS project is described, starting with partners previous experience in sustainable development strategies and Circular Economy, project objectives and main activities, and one of NEPTUNUS main targets: the capitalization of the obtained results as basis for the development of new policies and strategies that will help fishing sector in the Atlantic area.

Researchers Marta Sendra, Enrique Lara, both from CSIC, and Pilar Marcos, Greenpace Oceans manager, also take part in the programme.

Listen the full interview here.