30th November

The team from the University of Aveiro organized on the 30th of November 2022 a seminar under the NEPTUNUS project about life cycle assessment (LCA) as a tool to support circular economy and ecolabelling. The seminar was opened by high-level representatives of the University of Aveiro, in particular, Artur Silva (Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, Training in the 3rd Cycle and Accreditation), Amadeu Soares (Scientific Coordinator of the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM)), and Ana Isabel Miranda (Director of the Department of Environment and Planning). This seminar was attended by representatives of companies and other organizations.

During the morning, Ana Cláudia Dias, local coordinator of the NEPTUNUS project at the University of Aveiro, presented the main objectives and activities of the NEPTUNUS project. After, she presented the LCA methodology focusing on the main applications and concepts, and on how to perform an LCA study, showing a case-study of a seafood product as an illustrative example. In the afternoon, Luís Arroja, retired university professor, addressed the topic of circular economy, followed by Paula Quinteiro, member of the NEPTUNUS project at the University of Aveiro, who described the different types of environmental labels available. The attendees had the opportunity to get familiar with the methodological issues of LCA or increase their knowledge on how to conduct an LCA study, and to gain awareness of LCA relevance to support decision making, including in topics related to the circular economy and ecolabelling.