October 2019

NEPTUNUS project supports the campaing #PescarDerechos (in English: Fishing Rights) to fight against women precariousness in seafood sector and launched by Comisiones Obreras.

60% of the people who work in the fish industry are women. 77% of part-time contracts were signed by a woman. Only 50.8% have a full-time indefinite contract. The other half suffers a precarious one. In addition, those who work in the sector have the lowest wages in the food industry. Unfortunately, these data are not the result of chance. In this context, CCOO Industry Federation launches the #PescarDerechos campaign to end precariousness where women’s work is undervalued.

NEPTUNUS project is committed to real equality between women and men in any field and, of course, also in the job and specifically in the seafood sector. Therefore, our Partnership supports this campaign.

More info: https://industria.ccoo.es/noticia:404620–Llega_#PescarDerechos_campana_contra_la_alarmante_precariedad_que_sufren_las_mujeres_en_la_industria_del_pescado