22nd January 2024

The Neptunus Project crew is happy to share that one of its main outcomes, the NEPTUNUS WEF 1.0 Tool is finally available to download for free in the results section of the project website. This new tool was previously presented in an open event hosted by the University of Cantabria in the Maritime Museum of Cantabria (Spain) and has been registered in the United States Copyright Office with the registration number Txu 2-392-354.

Homepage of the Neptunus WEF 1.0 Tool

The software will allow all stakeholders in the value chain of the fisheries sector to self-assess themselves and to know the environmental and nutritional profiles of seafood products. Once the user selects its profile, they will be asked to fill several gaps with data regarding the seafood product they want to evaluate. Once all the data is given, the software will calculate the nexus of the product and will present the Neptunus ecolabel with a previous result. If the user wants to have the definitive ecolabel, an email must be sent to the Neptunus researchers so that they can verify the data and send the user the final ecolabel without the watermark.

The procedure to obtain the final Neptunus Nexus ecolabel, along with how to use the guide is well detailed in the users guides, available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Results section where the user can download the tool and the users guides

Do you want to know the environmental and nutritional profiles of the seafood products you consume? Download the NEPTUNUS WEF 1.0 Tool from here and discover how sustainable they are!